The company "SAALGA" started its activity in September 2007, specializing in the production and marketing of high quality extra virgin olive oil.

It's name is an acronym created by the union of the names of its three founding members: SAlvatore, ALessandro and GAbriele.


The company is located in two production units:

1) In the town of Borgetto 40 km from the city of Palermo and about 290m above sea level in a hilly geographical area particularly suited to the cultivation of olive trees.

2) In the town of San Cipirello 50 km from the city of Palermo at about 600m above sea level in a mountainous geographical area particularly suited to the cultivation of olive trees.


Our production facilities consists of a covered area of 1000 square meters with a large area of relevance where inside consists of cutting-edge equipment for extraction, storage and packaging of extra virgin olive oil.

Once extracted, the extra virgin olive oil is stored by each individual cultivar in silos in stainless steel AISI 316  saturated with nitrogen and placed inside a temperature controlled room  , in order to avoid unpleasant temperature variations during the natural sedimentation. This area has a storage capacity of around 300 tons.

Even our bottling plant is located in a controlled temperature environment to guarantee the highest quality we have a production capacity of 3000 bottles / hour.


Our entire production process fully complies with all applicable health and hygiene regulations according to an appropriate HACCP plan in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008.

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